Heading: 40% of city roads are dilapidated before monsoon rains

Kavita Singh Rathore, Bhopal,
Monsoon has arrived in Madhya Pradesh from June 21. Every day, while on one hand the sky is overcast with clouds, on the other hand, heavy rain is also falling from one area of ??the city to another, in such a situation the roads are filled with water and the passersby are not able to see the potholes, due to which the fear of accidents always remains. But despite this, the responsible people have maintained silence, while the public representatives are also indifferent towards the problems of the public.

40% of the roads in many areas of the capital have become badly dilapidated. In some areas like Kolar and JK Road, roads are under construction, due to which the people there are facing a lot of trouble, but where the roads are broken, potholes are being formed in the roads. What about them? Who will pay attention to them? Due to which questions are being raised on road construction agencies and municipal corporation.

The roads of some areas in the capital Bhopal are getting badly damaged. Here, heavy rains occurred in some areas recently, due to which the potholes on the road got filled with water, not only this, there is also a problem of mud at many places. These areas include Danish Kunj, colonies of Hoshangabad Road, colonies located in Misrod, roads connecting Sai Park and Seetal Heights to the highway, colonies around Kolar Road, road coming from Bhopal Talkies to the bridge, road of Chuna Bhatti intersection, road coming from Main Station number one platform, road connecting Shakti Nagar, Kohefiza and VIP Road, road going to Bhanpura Bridge in front of People’s Mall, Semra Road, Parihar intersection, area built around Security Line, Anna Nagar and many other areas. The roads of these areas are in a bad condition. Here, somewhere there are potholes and somewhere the asphalt of the roads has been uprooted. Due to this the drivers and pedestrians are facing a lot of problems. If this is the condition after a few days of rain, what will happen in the future? The whole rainy season is still left. In such a situation, why is the Municipal Corporation and PWD not doing anything for this?                            = Bhopal has 3879 km of roads of Municipal Corporation, 650 km of PWD, 200 km of Housing Board and BDA and 4 km of Smart City. Thus, there are a total of 4 thousand 733 km of roads in the capital.

Pedestrians are facing a lot of trouble

Deepesh, who lives near Parihar Square, says that big potholes have formed on the roads, which are now getting filled with water. It is quite difficult to pass through this area. Recently, the first monsoon rains occurred and this is the situation. This monsoon is also going to be very difficult.

–       Deepesh Yadav,
–       Parihar Square resident

There is a constant fear of accidents

Danish Kunj resident Sanjay Chaudhary says, dilapidated roads are causing a lot of trouble at night. These potholes are filled with water and due to water the potholes are not visible. Vehicles jump in these potholes. Due to which a big accident can also happen.

–       Sanjay Chaudhary,
–       Danish Kunj resident

The Municipal Corporation will start the work of repairing the roads on which the water accumulates.
–       Prem Shankar Shukla, Municipal Corporation PRO

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