Speed of trains slowed down due to fog, ‘fog counter’ opened in Bhopal-Kamalapati

  • Fog counters were also opened in Itarsi, Bina, Vidisha, Hoshangabad, Harda and Ganjbasoda.

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
North India remained in the grip of dense fog even on New Year’s Day. Because of this, even on Monday, more than 50 trains arrived late by 10 to 15 hours.

For the first time, the Railway Administration has opened fog counters at 8 stations of Bhopal division including Bhopal, in order to provide correct information to the passengers troubled by the delay of trains. At Bhopal station, this counter is outside the inquiry on the ground floor of the new building.

Due to dense fog in areas ranging from Delhi, Gwalior to Bina, Amritsar, Lucknow, Gorakhpur etc., visibility has remained continuously at 15 to 20 meters. Although the Railways has installed fog devices in the train engines, these too have been of no use. The driver is not getting any benefit from this. At present, fog has slowed down the speed of trains, due to which train traffic is being affected

Trains coming from Delhi are most late – Trains coming from Delhi are reaching Bhopal late by 08 to 15 hours. Apart from Gondwana, Jhelum, Shridham, GT, Bengaluru Rajdhani, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Dakshin Express, trains coming from Lucknow, Gorakhpur side of UP, Pushpak, Kushinagar, Kamayani etc. also reached late by 03 to 08 hours.

Due to the delay, apart from the passengers traveling in these trains, the passengers going beyond Bhopal are facing problems. Even the app and 139 are not able to tell the actual location of  trains.

Fog counter opened for the first time

Bhopal Railway Division has opened fog counters for the first time for the convenience of passengers at eight stations including Bhopal and Rani Kamalapati. At these counters, 08 employees are giving information about delayed trains in different shifts. The counter at Bhopal station has been opened outside the inquiry on the ground floor of the new building. Apart from this, fog counters have been opened at eight stations of the division, Itarsi, Bina, Vidisha, Hoshangabad, Harda, Ganjbasoda.

Returning tickets, taking refunds

For the last seven consecutive days, due to long delays in trains, about 1000 passengers are reaching Bhopal station every day to get their reservations cancelled, while about 1000 tickets are also being canceled from IRCTC. Most of the passengers coming to the fog counter are asking about the actual arrival status of the train as well as the refund on cancellation of tickets.

For the first time in the West-Central Railway Zone, fog counters have been opened in eight stations of Bhopal division. Those who are not able to get information related to train delay on mobile, can come to the counter and get their problem solved.
–       Sanjay Mishra, PRO, Western Central Railway Jabalpur Zone

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