Light showers provide relief from sultry weather

Bhopal: Residents of Bhopal experienced a respite from the scorching heat on Monday afternoon as the city experienced light showers and thundery conditions. The Weather Department’s forecast of thunderstorms and light rainfall until April 10 in Bhopal and surrounding districts came to fruition, providing relief from the sweltering temperatures.

The brief but refreshing showers followed yesterday evening’s rainfall, collectively contributing to keeping the mercury levels in check. With temperatures steadily rising in recent days, the rainfall was welcomed by locals.

According to meteorological experts, these sporadic showers are part of a larger weather pattern affecting the region. The Weather Department had issued alerts earlier, warning residents to be prepared for potential thunderstorms and hailstorm during this period.

Residents expressed gratitude for the cooler temperatures and the much-needed relief from the relentless heat wave. For now, Bhopal remains under the intermittent embrace of rainfall, while many other districts including Ujjain, Indore etc have also experienced cloudy conditions and drizzle during last 24 hours.

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