Swarm of bees attacks morning joggers at Ekant Park

Bhopal : Bhopal witnessed a serene morning turn into a harrowing experience as joggers at Ekant Park were besieged by a swarm of honey bees on Monday. The unexpected attack left several people stung, plunging the park into chaos.

Numerous visitors fell victim to the bees’ stings during the ordeal, which unfolded around 8 AM. A video capturing the frantic scene has circulated widely on social media platforms.

The tranquil ambiance of the park swiftly gave way to panic and disorder as startled visitors sought refuge from the onslaught of bees.

In the footage, individuals leisurely stroll through the park before being abruptly assailed by the aggressive bees. Amidst the turmoil, a woman is seen hastily shielding herself with a towel in a desperate bid for protection.

Alok Pathak, the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), informed media, “We have dispatched a team to safely remove the bee hive to ensure complete safety. Upon receiving news of the incident in the morning, the forest department promptly mobilized the team.”

Located in the city center, Ekant Park is a favored destination for morning walks among bureaucrats, ministers residing in Char Imli, and residents from upscale colonies such as SBI Bank Colony, Rishipuram, and Manappuram.

Moreover, individuals from neighboring upscale areas like E-4, E-5 of Arera Colony, Baghira Apartment, and Patrakar Colony frequent the park for their daily exercise regimen.

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