Leaders of both parties active for Lok Sabha ticket

Chronicle Reporter, Khandwa
Lok Sabha elections are near. The contenders have geared up. Leaders of both BJP and Congress parties have also become active in Nimar. A dozen big leaders are also active in BJP. MP Dnyaneshwar Patil has intensified the gathering.

Big leaders of Congress like Arun Yadav, Rajnarayan Singh and Ghanshyam Rathore are reaching out among the workers in the villages from Delhi-Bhopal to Khandwa Lok Sabha constituency. Former Union Minister Arun Yadav had offers from big leaders of Congress for the MP ticket first in the Lok Sabha and then in the by-elections held after the death of Nandkumar Chauhan. It is said that Arun Yadav had refused. After this Rajnarayan Singh was given a chance in the by-election. At present Ghanshyam Rathore is in contact with big leaders. He met senior party leaders in Delhi and Bhopal.

Everything is possible in politics – Ghanshyam Rathore has also started touring with senior Congress leaders in Bagli assembly constituency, the last constituency of Khandwa Lok Sabha constituency. He says that everything is possible in politics. If senior party leaders give him a Lok Sabha ticket from Khandwa, he will not step back with his body, mind and money. Regarding Modi’s wave during the construction of Ram temple, he says that everyone has faith in God.

Ram belongs to everyone – Ram is not only of BJP. We all also believe in Ram and Hanuman, but its political use is well understood by the general public. This vision will become clear by the time of Lok Sabha elections. The public may be united on the temple issue, but when there will be party elections, the scene will be different.

Field preparations begin – Overall, the elections are still far away. Despite this, both Congress and BJP have started vying for the ticket. No one has started the process at the field level yet. But it is certain that names of people like Dnyaneshwar Patil, Amar Yadav, Baliramji are coming forward in BJP. Even in Congress, Ghanshyam Rathore has started field level tours.

District Vice President five times – Rathore has been the District Vice President five times from Jheeranya area of Khandwa Lok Sabha constituency. Has been active in party organization for forty years. Being a bus operator, he has a hold on all the eight assembly constituencies in the entire Lok Sabha constituency. That is why he is confident that the big leaders of the party will trust him and field him for the Lok Sabha elections.

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