Land prices increase by 25 to 95 percent, new property rates will be applicable from June

  • More than 1600 registries took place in the capital in March, crowds till late night even on holidays

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Due to the Lok Sabha Election Code of Conduct, new property guidelines will be implemented in the capital in June. For the next two months, registration will be done at the old rates of year ‘23-24 only.

The new property guidelines will not be applicable in Bhopal from April 1. Inspector General of Registration and Superintendent of Stamps, Madhya Pradesh has taken this decision citing the code of conduct for Lok Sabha elections. In the order that came on Monday morning, it was said that in Madhya Pradesh including Bhopal, property registration will be done as per the guidelines for the year 2023-24. It is noteworthy that in total 1443 locations in Bhopal, it was proposed to increase the collector rate by an average of 7.19 percent. In the meeting of the District Evaluation Committee in the first week of March, it was decided to increase property prices by 25 to 95 percent in different areas. This decision was also approved by the Central Evaluation Committee.

Rates increased in Kolar, Salaiya, Ayodhya Bypass and Misrod

Meanwhile, on Monday, registration was done only at the current rates, due to which the crowd was less on Monday compared to other days. In the new guideline, property in Kolar, Salaiya, Ayodhya Bypass and Misrod was proposed to be the most expensive. Here it was proposed to increase the guideline from 25 percent to 95 percent, while 22 colonies located in other areas of the city were also added to the guideline. Here registration will be done at old rates only.

Crowd gathered for registration at old rates

At the current rates, even after Saturday and Sunday being a holiday, there were long queues in the registrar offices located at ISBT, Pari Bazar and Berasia to get the property registered. According to the Registrar General of the Registrar Office, more than 1600 properties were registered on March 30 and 31. However, on Monday, people got relief from the announcement of new property rates coming into effect after the Lok Sabha elections.

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