Mosquito terror leaves people hassled

  • Fogging machine broken, dirty water in heaps of dirt and empty plots

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Mosquito menace in capital Bhopal is giving residents much trouble and several restless nights but despite this, the Municipal Corporation is not losing sleep.

Diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya are spreading due to mosquito bites and hundreds of people lose their lives every year. The situation is that due to dirt, there is a menace of mosquitoes in many areas of the city, due to which people are getting troubled. The accumulated water and garbage in the vacant plots of 70 wards of the capital are breeding mosquitoes, due to which people are suffering from diseases and making rounds of the hospital. The number of patients admitted to hospitals due to mosquito-borne diseases is increasing every day. But till now the health department of the corporation is not even aware of it; the government is also responsible for the health of the people.

In the capital, as soon as it is evening, mosquitoes are entering inside the houses and taking away the peace of the people. Housewives are facing trouble in cooking. People are not able to live in their homes without burning incense sticks and incense sticks. But surprisingly, Bhopal Municipal Corporation does not even have a fogging machine to kill these mosquitoes, even if it is there then it is out of order. Residents of the ward say that the cleanliness system of the same corporation is limited to papers only.

Are troubled by the problem of garbage heaps – About 24 lakh population of the capital is troubled by the problem of sewage filth on vacant plots, lack of cleaning of drains and heaps of garbage lying at various places. In the evening, the incidence of mosquitoes increases in such places. Due to filling of vacant plots with sewage water from adjacent houses, nearby residents are facing more problems. More than three thousand vacant plots are in residential areas.

To deal with mosquitoes, contact on these numbers

If mosquitoes are bothering you in the area then you can call the Municipal Corporation control room number 0755-2542222 to get fogging done. The Municipal Corporation will send a team for fogging. In fact, for the last few days, most of the patients of dengue and viral fever are coming to Bhopal city. In such a situation, residents can contact Municipal Corporation Bhopal on the following numbers for fogging machines and cleanliness. Municipal Corporation Bhopal control room number 0755-2542222, Municipal Corporation Bhopal mobile number 9424499801 till 19 consecutively, sanitation inspector number from ward 1 to 70 8989992801 – 70, sanitation inspector number from ward 71 to 85 7587595971 – 85

Even drains are not cleaned regularly

There are about 200 colonies of Bhopal Municipal Corporation, where open drains have become clogged due to garbage. Due to lack of drainage of dirty water, mosquito larvae have started producing. As soon as the evening falls, mosquitoes are entering the nearby houses and creating terror. That is to say, the corporation is taking tax from the general public, but is not utilizing it. The Municipal Corporation has purchased two fogging machines to kill mosquitoes, but they are out of order. In such a situation, two fogging machines are insufficient in an urban area with a population of 24 lakhs. Not only this, mosquito and insecticide powder and other medicines have not been sprayed in the drains for a long time. This has increased the problem.

The Municipal Corporation is working daily to collect dirt and garbage and maintain cleanliness in the city. The entire staff, including Commissioner Harendra Narayan himself, is monitoring it. We are worried about mosquitoes. Soon, the broken fogging machines will be put into operation.
– PS Shukla,
Public Relations Officer, Municipal Corporation, Bhopal.

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