Kharge dares PM to throw away those who talk of changing Constitution

New Delhi, Mar 11 (UNI) Condemning the BJP MP’s recent comment on changing the Constitution when elected to power with two third majority, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Monday dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to throw away such leaders from the party.

Addressing a press conference at the AICC headquarters here, the Congress president said, “If the Prime Minister has courage, then throw away such leader from your party who talks about changing the Constitution of the country”.

Kharge said, “On one hand, PM Modi himself remains silent on such things and on the other hand he talks about protecting the Constitution”.

He said that the Congress will not allow changing of Constitution at any cost. The AICC President further added that the people of the country were watching this and they will decide.

Accusing the BJP of never accepting the Constitution in its entirety, the Rajya Sabha MP said that Modi always speaks about Dr Ambedkar but does not follow his principles. “If he would have believed in Ambedkar’s principles, he would have expelled those who talked about changing the Constitution which gave rights and freedom to everybody,” he added.

Kharge also questioned the contribution of BJP and RSS in India’s independence and making the Constitution, alleging that they were always against social justice.

Moreover, the Congress president accused the BJP of deliberately destroying the autonomous institutions of the country one by one, adding that CAG was one of them.

The Congress Chief said, “We have prepared a data from the CAG reports that shows that the Centre and the state governments have committed a scam worth Rs 8,50,000 crore but the BJP is not ready to accept it. If the CAG report would have been against others they would have taken action against them without delay”.

Speaking about Election Commission, Kharge said that they only wanted that there should be counting of VVPAT and this was the only demand of the party from the Election Commission but they did not get any response from them.

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