Dense fog stops trains in North India

  • Passengers get upset waiting for hours at the station in the harsh winter, reach capital late by 2 to 11 hours

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Dense fog is increasing with cold in North India. Due to this, one-and-a-half dozen trains running from Delhi to Bhopal and further destinations reached Bhopal late by 2 to 12 hours.

Midnight trains arriving in Bhopal arrived in the morning and early morning trains arrived in the afternoon. Meanwhile, passengers who arrived on time had to wait for hours for trains in the bitter cold. Apart from the waiting hall, there was a crowd of passengers in the station premises also.

With the onset of severe cold across North India in December, dense fog has increased suddenly. Due to this, more than one and a half dozen trains running from Delhi, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Firozpur, Amritsar towards South and Chhattisgarh via Bhopal are running with long delays. Most of the trains in Bhopal arrive from midnight to morning, during this time the trains starting from Delhi or Nizamuddin are also arriving late due to fog.

Passengers still do not trust 139 and app

In Bhopal too, due to the harsh winter, passengers coming to the station between midnight and morning are facing problems. Passengers say that the Railways has provided the facility to know the status of trains on 139, but the call is not connected immediately. Even if the status of trains is known through an app that tracks the status of trains, the reliability of this app remains less. Since we have to travel with family, it is convenient for us to reach the train station at the scheduled time, even if we have to wait for the train.

= We have to go to Chennai by Kerala Express. From Kolar we reached the station with the family at 12 o’clock in the night. It was learned that Kerala would reach Bhopal at 4.30 pm instead of 05.20 am. So we are waiting in the waiting hall for the train.
– V. Subramaniam, Kolar

= Every year in December, trains arrive late due to dense fog. Railways should take measures to deal with fog, so that trains arrive on time. No need to wait for hours. Similarly, winter is intensifying in Bhopal. In such a situation, waiting for the train for hours with children on the platform becomes unbearable.
– Baldev Raghuvanshi, Ayodhya Nagar.

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