Celebrate Christmas by praying and reading the Bible

  • As soon as Jesus was born, carol singing tunes started resonating in churches
  • Crowds of people gathered in churches of capital

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
There was enthusiasm in the churches on the midnight of Sunday-Monday on the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus. As soon as 12 o’clock at night marked the birth of Jesus, there was a shower of joy in the churches. The tunes of carol singing started resonating.

On this occasion, Christian brothers wished each other a Merry Christmas. The enthusiasm of the Christmas festival was also seen on Monday. People came to churches to see the child form of Lord Jesus. They saw the tableaux made on his life. Special prayers were held in churches in the morning. Children’s favorite Santa Claus distributed toffees, cakes and gifts.  A special prayer meeting was held under the leadership of Archbishop of Bhopal Diocese Dr. AAS Durairaj at the oldest St. Francis Cathedral Church in Jehangirabad of the city. Apart from this, prayers and Bible readings were also held in the churches of Govindpura and Ashoka Garden. During this, the Archbishop said that Christmas invites us to worship Jesus and receive the light of life. Father Anand Mutungal congratulated everyone on the Christmas festival. On the holy occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus Christ, Archdeacon Anil Martin gave the message of his sermon on the teachings given by Lord Jesus Christ at St. John’s Church Govindpura.

Message of love and peace

On the holy occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus Christ, Archdeacon Anil Martin in his sermon message at St. John’s Church Govindpura gave administration on the teachings given by Lord Jesus Christ and the message of love of Lord Jesus Christ, message of peace, message of joy and Message of goodwill, message of world peace in which people of every religion and every class get a favorable environment to live life according to equal rights and the message of love should be spread to every corner of the world. Celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ with happiness, prosperity and peace. Everyone should live in families, respect each other, consider each other as greater than themselves and be always available to help each other. With this message, people of the Christian community sent good wishes to each other on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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