‘Colony illegal, residents illegal, then how is our vote valid?’

  • Residents put up banners, warning of boycotting elections if facilities are not provided

Chronicle Reporter, Mandsaur
Residents of Shreeji Nagar, Ward-5 of Mandsaur city, have put up a banner outside the colony announcing boycott of elections for depriving them of basic facilities in the illegal and undeveloped colony.

It is written in the banner that our colony is illegal, we are illegal, so how can our vote be valid? Now results are needed, not assurances. Like banners with slogans have been put up. Residents say that public representatives are remembered only at the time of elections. After winning the election no one looks back. Local resident Alok Vyas said that we have seen two Lok Sabha and two Assembly elections, it is only at the time of elections that leaders come and then do not look back. Cleaning also happens when leaders come to the colony. During the day, only local people come together for cleaning. Charan Rajpal told that if you complain to the councillor, then he will tell you. No one listens to him in the municipality. Have also complained on CM helpline. But no solution was found, hence now the colony residents have decided that they will not vote.

Municipality collects tax

Residents say that the municipality collects tax for cleanliness and lighting and the receipt for the same was also sent to the residents. But the municipality did not make any arrangements in the colony. On complaining, the only answer we get is that our colony is illegal and undeveloped. The residents decided that if their colony is illegal and the residents are illegal then how can their vote be valid?

No hand pump in the colony since 18 years

This time the local residents want basic facilities of the colony. Vishnu Goswami and other local women said that they have been living in the colony for 18 years. But there are no facilities here. When we tell the responsible people, they say that the colony is undeveloped and illegal. Women say that there is not even a hand pump facility in the colony. Tap connection is a long way off. There are no roads, no drains and no drinking water facility.

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