CM Yadav asks ministers to visit villages, review development works

Bhopal: The first cabinet meeting of CM Mohan Yadav was held in Bhopal. In the meeting CM Mohan Yadav gave instructions like maintaining good law and order, not allowing the public to face problems due to VIP movement, visiting every village and reviewing the development works.

All the ministers have been told that the central leadership wants them to decide the work and priorities of their respective departments and hold review meetings every six month.

CM Mohan Yadav told all the ministers that the central leadership wants them to become active in their respective Lok Sabha constituencies. The party is now fully engaged in the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections and now everyone has to go among the public with Sankalp Yatra and tell among the public the achievements of the schemes of the Central Government and the State Government. CM Mohan Yadav instructed all the ministers to start preparing for the Lok Sabha elections.

No major decision related to the public was taken in the first cabinet meeting. Even in the meeting, CM Mohan Yadav kept telling the ministers about the guidelines of the central leadership. At present no decision has been taken on any of the major promises in the first cabinet meeting.

The division of ministries was also discussed in the cabinet meeting. Some ministers even came to meet CM Mohan Yadav separately to get the ministry as per their wish. Sources are saying that the CM will keep the general administration department with himself and the remaining ministries will soon be divided among the two deputy CMs and other ministers.


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