Blow to BJP before assembly elections

  • Former MLA leaves BJP
  • Resigns from primary membership
  • Effect of factionalism and infighting

Chronicle Reporter, Itarsi / Bhopal

The BJP has suffered a major setback before the assembly elections. Girija Shankar Sharma, brother of former Assembly Speaker and current MLA Dr. Sita Sharan Sharma, who was a two-time MLA from Narmadapuram Itarsi Assembly, resigned from the primary membership of BJP on Friday.

It is known that former MLA Girja Shankar Sharma was feeling neglected for the last few years. Before the assembly elections, factionalism and infighting among BJP leaders and workers are coming to the fore in the district. Amidst a political uproar on Friday, former MLA Girija Shankar, who was a two-time MLA from Narmadapuram Itarsi assembly constituency from 2003 to 2013, is openly coming to the fore. Sharma resigned from the priority membership of BJP in a press conference on Friday. In the letter sent to the BJP District President, he wrote that I am resigning from the priority member, please inform the organization about this. Let it be known that former MLA Girija Shankar Sharma was feeling neglected for the last several days due to which he had put the BJP government in the corner several times.

Dominance of Sharma family

The Sharma family has a good influence on the assembly seat. For 33 consecutive years, the command of Narmadapuram Itarsi assembly constituency has been in the hands of the Sharma family. From 1990 to 2003, Hoshangabad Itarsi assembly constituency was represented by former Assembly Speaker and current MLA Dr. Sitaram Sharma in the year 2003 due to political opposition. Hence, in place of Dr. Sharma, the party fielded his brother Girija Shankar Sharma, who was twice president of Narmadapuram Municipality and former BJP district president. The Sharma family’s legacy also continued and Girija Shankar Sharma joined the BJP by winning the elections twice in a row. In the year 2013, the party fielded Dr. Sita Sharan Sharma in her place. Here, Dr. Sharma reached the assembly by winning the elections with record votes, in return of which the party awarded him the post of Assembly Speaker. In the year 2018, Dr. Sitaram Sharma had won by defeating former Union Minister Sartaj Singh, who had left the BJP and contested the elections from the Congress.

No intention of joining Congress now: Girija Shankar

Former MLA Girija Shankar Sharma, who left BJP before the assembly elections, avoided the talk of joining Congress during the press conference. He said that at present he has no intention of joining Congress. Regarding his meeting with former Chief Minister Kamal Nath a few days ago, he said that I had definitely met him but as of now I have no intention of joining Congress. Well, it is believed that he may join Congress and if this happens then BJP may definitely have to suffer losses. According to Girishankar Sharma, he was feeling neglected in the party. He tried to discuss his point with the organization many times but the matter could not be resolved. According to Sharma, some people in the organization are acting dictatorially, due to which the party may have to face the consequences.

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