BJP has been occupying Balaghat for 3 decades

  • Will Congress be able to break in this time?
  • Will Bisen fight himself or will his daughter fight?

Chronicle Reporter, Balaghat

Balaghat assembly was considered the stronghold of Congress till 3 decades ago, but Gaurishankar Bisen has made such a dent in this stronghold of Congress that Congress is yearning to return here. This time, Congress has pulled senior SP leader Anubha Munjare into its fold, which is being considered as a big bet.

There are speculations that in the upcoming assembly elections, she may challenge the BJP candidate from Balaghat as the Congress candidate.

Talking about the electoral history of Balaghat seat, in the elections held between 1951 and 2018, Congress has won 9 times and BJP has won 7 times. In the 2018 assembly elections, BJP’s Gaurishankar Bisen defeated SP’s Anubha Munjare by 27,654 votes, while Congress candidate Vishweshwar Bhagat stood third.

Gaurishankar Bisen has been MLA 7 times and MP 2 times from Balaghat seat. Recently, he has once again been given the responsibility of Cabinet Minister. Bisen has announced many times that he will not contest elections from open platforms and has been talking about putting forward the name of his daughter Mrs. Mausam Harinkhede. In such a situation, the big question is whether BJP will give ticket to Gaurishankar Bisen, who was made minister to solve the caste equation, or will it bet on Bisen’s daughter Mausam Harinkhede. It is also being speculated that the BJP organization may hand over the responsibility of winning the other assembly seat of Balaghat to Gaurishankar Bisen.

Pawar-dominated area

According to the caste equation of Balaghat, this area is Pawar dominated, whose population is about 40 percent, the remaining 60 percent are voters of other communities including Lodhi, Marar, Mahar, Kunbi, Kalar respectively, since Bisen also comes from Pawar community. The chances of him or someone from his family getting the ticket are high. In Balaghat, issues like migration of workers, unemployment, flyover construction, health and education are still waiting for a solution.

Apart from Anubha, there are other contenders too

Apart from Anubha Munjare, who stood second in Balaghat for the last two elections, Anurag Chaturmohta and Samrat Sarswar from Congress are also claiming for the ticket, but Anubha Munjare, as a SP and independent candidate, has performed better and has made her presence felt among the voters. Has become even more powerful. In view of this performance, Congress had included her in its party only last month. It is also believed that one of the reasons behind the inclusion of Anubha Munjare is that Congress has taken this step to woo the Lodhi community, the second largest population of Balaghat seat.

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