Winds of change blow every 5 years in Gadarwara

  • Winds of change blow every 5 years in Gadarwara
  • Presently Congress is in power
  • BJP considering opportunity to occupy seat


Pradeep Rajput, Gadarwara

The mood of Gadarwara assembly of Narsinghpur district changes every 5 years. The voters here have been giving equal opportunities to both the major political parties till now. Since 1977 till now, there have been only two occasions when the BSP candidate has won.

At present, Congress is holding the Gadarwara seat, but in view of the change-oriented mood of the voters, the question is being raised whether the Congress will be able to retain its seat or the BJP will be able to snatch the seat this time.

Most of the MLAs in Gadarwara assembly come from Brahmin and Kaurav community, but Sadhna Sthapak, a former MLA from Brahmin community, left Congress and joined BJP. As soon as Sadhna joined BJP, factionalism started in BJP. As discussions are going on in the area that if BJP gives ticket to former MLA Sadhna Sthapak, then top BJP leaders may have to sweat profusely for damage control in Kamal Dal. Apart from this, it may also be difficult to keep calm former district panchayat member and former BJP candidate Gautam Patel, who has been continuously active in the assembly constituency. Gautam Patel is constantly in touch with the leaders and is also making his strong claim.

BJP youth leader Prakhar Rai, who has been continuously trying to solve the problems of the poor of the area through public hearing from BJP for 13 years, also says that if the party gives a chance, he will leave no stone unturned to serve in the assembly constituency. Youth leader Rao Uday Pratap, who held many positions in Bajrang Dal, is also active.

Ruckus in Congress over ticket

There is a ruckus in the Congress regarding the ticket. Present MLA Sunita Patel is also in contact with the top leaders of the party, but whether the party will once again repose faith in her or give a chance to some other face, this question is currently unanswered. Apart from her, son of former MLA Suresh Rai and State General Secretary Manish Rai Chhotu Bhaiya is also actively working in Congress. Former MLA Pandit Deendayal Dhimole is also staking his claim from the Congress. Congress city president and councilor from Gadarwara Jinesh Jain is also continuously working as an active leader in the Gadarwara assembly, now the eyes of all the claimants are fixed on the high command. In view of the political profit and loss, on whom do the parties show their trust and who are the rebels, what will be the atmosphere in the Gadarwara assembly after the finalization of the ticket, whether the task of convincing the angry ones will be successful or not, who will show rebellious attitude on this. Everyone’s eyes are fixed.

Major issues of Vidhansabha

Corruption in government offices, illegal sand mining, gambling-speculation, illegal liquor business is at its peak but the administration has failed to stop it.

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