Bhopal residents illuminate city in reverence

  • For Ram Lalla’s Consecration in Ayodhya

Bhopal: In a fervent display of religious fervor, residents of Bhopal came together on Monday to mark the auspicious occasion of the consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya. The city was aglow with the radiance of earthen lamps, and the atmosphere resonated with the harmonious sounds of prayers as worshippers gathered at various temples and homes to participate in the sacred celebrations.

The consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla, the deity at the heart of the Ayodhya dispute, held a special place in the hearts of devotees. The faithful embraced the occasion with unwavering enthusiasm, engaging in various religious programs and activities throughout the day.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the day was the record-breaking sale of earthen lamps. Local markets witnessed a surge in demand for diyas as citizens sought to contribute to the illuminating ambiance that has become synonymous with such religious occasions. Shopkeepers reported an unprecedented increase in sales, with many vendors struggling to keep up with the demand.

Worshippers flocked to temples

Worshippers, unable to contain their excitement, flocked to temples and makeshift shrines set up in their homes. Elaborate rituals and prayers were conducted to seek blessings for themselves and their families. The air reverberated with the chanting of hymns, creating an atmosphere of spiritual bliss across the city.

Prabhat pheris organized

In addition to traditional temple visits, several ‘prabhat pheris’ were organized, with devotees marching through the streets in the early morning hours. The processions were accompanied by devotional songs and the rhythmic beat of traditional instruments, creating a spectacle that captivated onlookers. A huge religious procession was taken out at city’s Peergate Ram Mandir. Devotees dressed in yellow– a colour considered auspicious in Hinduism, danced to dhol beats to celebrate Ram’s homecoming.

While the grand consecration ceremony unfolded in Ayodhya, Bhopal echoed with the collective devotion of its residents. The city’s unity in celebrating the occasion underscored the profound significance that religious events hold in the hearts of the people.

As the sun set on this memorable Monday, Bhopal remained illuminated not just by the glow of countless earthen lamps but also by the spirit of communal harmony and religious fervor that defined the day’s celebrations. The consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya became an occasion for Bhopal’s residents to come together in prayer, reflection, and celebration.

Religious ceremonies unfold in temples

The resonance of Ram bhajans filled the air in the state capital, as special religious ceremonies unfolded in nearly every temple across the city. Some temples even featured live broadcasts of the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony held in Ayodhya.

At 1:55 PM, a special ‘Maha Aarti’ took place at Hanuman Mandir in New Market, with devotees actively participating in the celebrations.

Minister Vishwas Sarang immersed himself in devotion at Khedapati Hanuman Mandir in Chola, Bhopal, joining thousands of devotees in watching the live telecast of the Ayodhya ‘Pran Pratishtha’ event.

Icchapurti Hanuman Mandir at city’s Koh-e-Fiza area was all decked up. A ‘Mandli’ was invited here as devotees soaked in the soulful Ram bhajans.

Barkatullah University organiised a competition called ‘Shri Ram Aayenge’. Students between 5-25 years of age can participated in the competition.

Sweets and prasad distributed

Ram rallies and Prabhat Pheris dotted the city streets. Devotees, adorned in auspicious yellow attire, joyously danced to dhol beats in celebration of Lord Ram’s homecoming. Massive posters of Ayodhya Purshottam adorned prominent locations in Bhopal. Sweets and prasad wasere distributed at a number of places in the city.

At 12:30 PM, the live Ayodhya event was projected at Bakhsha Mandir on Hamidia Road, attracting a large gathering of devotees eager to witness the Pran Pratishtha ceremony presided over by PM Modi.

The city and temples were adorned with saffron flags, illuminating the atmosphere. Bhopal was buzzing with excitement for the consecration of the Ram Temple, marked by religious events, Ram Rangolis, and soulful bhajans.

A day earlier, on Sunday, special decorations graced New Market, with notable landmarks such as the Assembly, Mantralaya, Kali Mandir, and Ram Mandir adorned with lights. LN Medical College witnessed 250 MBBS students forming a human chain named ‘Ram Aayenge,’ and Bhavani Temple received offerings of eleven quintals of 101 types of sweets. The entire city was immersed in anticipation, eagerly counting down to the grand program.

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