ASRE and Gramya host ‘One Evening in the Name of Ram’

Bhopal: The Association of Sustainable Rural Empowerment (ASRE) and Gramya proudly reflect on the success of “One Evening in the Name of Ram,” a cultural extravaganza held to honor the historic consecration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. The event, held at Manas Bhawan in Bhopal, brought together a diverse community for an evening of devotion, cultural celebration, and spiritual resonance.

Saumya Sharma, renowned for her melodious voice and Sa Re Ga Ma fame, enthralled the audience with a soul-stirring bhajan performance. Her melodious voice created an atmosphere of serenity, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to connect with the spiritual essence of the evening. An esteemed Akashvani artist graced the event with a traditional bhajan performance, adding a touch of heritage to the cultural celebration. The artist’s rendition resonated with the audience, showcasing the timeless beauty of devotional music.

Swastivachan Batuk Pandits led a grand Maha Aarti, infusing the venue with divine energy. The ceremonial rituals paid homage to Shri Ram Darbar, creating a sacred ambiance and connecting attendees to the spiritual significance of the consecration.

In his insightful address during “One Evening in the Name of Ram,” Dr. Pankaj Shukla, President of ASRE, delved into the profound teachings encapsulated in the ideal rule of Shri Ram. With eloquence and depth, Dr. Shukla expounded on the timeless principles of leadership, ethical conduct, and righteous living as exemplified by the revered figure of Shri Ram. Dr. Shukla’s words resonated with wisdom as he elucidated the qualities of benevolent governance, emphasizing the significance of compassion, justice, and selflessness in leadership. Drawing parallels between the virtues of Shri Ram and contemporary leadership challenges, he provided valuable perspectives that transcend the boundaries of time and culture.

Furthermore, Dr. Shukla delved into the ethical underpinnings of Shri Ram’s rule, highlighting the importance of integrity, honesty, and a commitment to truth. He articulated how these ethical values, inherent in Shri Ram’s character, serve as a guiding light for individuals in their personal and professional lives. In addressing the theme of righteous living, Dr. Shukla offered practical insights on navigating life’s challenges with virtue and adherence to dharma.

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