Awareness program on heatwave Prevention organised at BMHRC Health Centers

  • ORS Packets distributed

Bhopal: ‘The city is in the grip of heatwave. it is advised to avoid exposure to the sun between 12 PM and 4 PM. If it’s necessary to step out for essential tasks, ensure to cover your head. Consume fluids before heading out into the sun. Prevent dehydration by keeping yourself hydrated and always carrying a water bottle. Keep electrolyte-enriched water at home and consume it if signs of dehydration are observed. Wear light, loose, and comfortable clothing and refrain from wearing synthetic and dark-colored clothes.’ This information is provided to the patients visiting Health Centers 1 to 4 at Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre (BMHRC). O.R.S packets were also distributed to them.

Dr. Manisha Shrivastav, Director In-charge, BMHRC, said that there is currently a heatwave in effect across Bhopal. The onset of summer has brought an increase in cases of heat-related illnesses such as stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and sunburn. In light of this, an awareness campaign about heat and heatwave prevention is being conducted at all health centers. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India is also constantly making people aware to protect against Heat wave. The Ministry has also issued guidelines in this regard. People are being informed about measures to protect themselves from the heat. Approximately 700 ORS packets were distributed to patients. Awareness programs for heatwave prevention will be organized in all other health centers next week.

Other Heatwave Prevention Measures:

• Always carry water and ensure hydration.
• Provide shade to animals and ensure they have access to an adequate amount of water.
• In extreme heat, cool the body with cold water or take multiple showers. Avoid bathing immediately after exposure to sunlight and hot winds.
• Consume fewer high-calorie, protein-rich foods and limit the intake of alcohol, tea, coffee, etc.
• Consume water, buttermilk, ORS solution, or homemade drinks like lassi, lemon water, mango juice, etc., to stay hydrated and fresh.
• Maintain cleanliness in food and pay attention to water and shade.

Names and Locations of BMHRC Health Centers:
Health Centre Location
1 Kanchi Chola
2 Station Bazar
3 Chandbad
4 Tila Jamalpura
5 Ginnori
6 Central Library
7 Karond
8 Bal Vihar

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