Nautapa is caused by direct rays of the sun

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Just as the hands of a clock give the feeling of morning, afternoon and evening, in the same way, when the Sun appears in front of Rohini in the celestial clock of constellations, it is the time of intense heat in Central India. Rohini Nakshatra has no relation with the temperature of the entire earth. National Award winning science broadcaster Sarika Gharu said this.

She said that when the Earth comes to a position after 365 days while revolving around the Sun, when the star Rohini of the Taurus constellation comes behind the Sun, then the nine days before this are called Nautapa. Sarika told that every year on 25th May, the Rohini star comes behind the Sun. This incident of the Rohini star coming behind the Sun used to happen on 11th May in the year 1000. Probably 1000 years ago, during this period, it was named Nautapa because of the heat in central India. Presently this incident started from 25th May.

Is Rohini star related to heat?

Sarika said that heat in some parts of the earth is caused by the direct rays of the sun. If constellations had a role in summer, then why would the day temperature be low at this time in the countries located in the Tropic of Capricorn. At present the day temperature in Australia is 18 degrees Celsius, while in Maldives it is around 32 degrees. Rohini is 65 light years away from the Earth, why would it increase the temperature of just one or two countries.

The arrival of the Sun in Rohini Nakshatra only marks the time like a clock when it is hot in Central India, hence understand Rohini that the hand of the clock is not related to the heat occurring all over the earth.


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