Lord Shri Ram spent Chaturmas in Raisen district

  • During 14 years of exile, Lord Shri Ram lived in a big umbrella-like rock
  • Lord Ram reached Betwa coast of Vidisha during his exile

Vikas Soni, Raisen,
Lord Shri Ram had also spent one Chaturmas (4 months) of exile in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh and the evidence of this is still present there where Shri Ram, Sita and Lakshman stayed.

It is said that during his exile, Lord Ram reached the Betwa bank of Vidisha and tried to cross the Betwa river from there. In this attempt, he reached the village of Raisen district.

Pagneshwar reached Betwa bank and then crossed the Betwa river step by step (on foot). Since then this bank of Betwa river is called Pagneshwar bank.

Ramchhajja and Sitatalai are proof

After crossing the Betwa river, Lord Ram was moving ahead but it started raining and due to this Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman took shelter in a huge umbrella-like rock and spent Chaturmas there. This huge umbrella-like rock has since been known as Ramchhajja. At a distance of about 500 meters from Ramchhajja hill, there is another hill where there is a small pond which is known as Sitatalai.

It is said that when Shri Ram stayed here during Chaturmas, Sita Mata used to come to take bath in this pond and hence it was named Sitatalai. City archaeologist Rajeev Lochan Choubey says that the pond where Lord Ram used to go for bath during Chaturmas still exists. This pond, located two km from Ramchhajja, is called Ramtal. Wherever Lord Ram went during his four-month stay, those places have been associated with the name of the Lord. Village Ramasia and Bangawan are such villages. He also told that even today two steps are inscribed on a rock near Sitatalai. Devotees worship them considering them to be the feet of Mother Sita. It is said that Lord Ram went towards the south via village Bangawan.

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