Alumni reminisce about yesteryears

Emotional get together at NIFT Bhopal

Bhopal: National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal today organized its first Alumni Conclave, wherein alumni shared their experiences, partnerships, and innovative plans and reminisced about the yesteryears.

NIFT Bhopal was started in 2008 and its first students completed their studies in 2012 and entered the industry. The students also expressed happiness over the changing face and progress of the institute with the changing times.

The main objective of this conference was for the students to meet the school and the institution which made them what they are today, to meet old friends, to talk about their study days and to hear each other’s success stories.

The conclave was inaugurated by Lt Col Ashish Aggarwal, Institute Director, NIFT Bhopal, who thanked the alumni for their contribution in the progress of the institute and invited them to cooperate in their upcoming projects. The conclave was attended by 16 alumni and Felt happy to meet my old friends and teachers on this occasion.

The biggest contribution in making the conference successful was from Smt. Namrata ji, Assistant Professor, NIFT Bhopal. Explaining the importance of the alumni meet, he said, “This is just the beginning. NIFT will also organize Zonal Alumni Meet covering 4 campuses, National Level Alumni Meet and Campus Level Alumni Meet.”

Various activities and programs organized

Various activities and programs were organized in the conference, ranging from NIFT’s music band, Rutbaaz to group dance and presentation of images from the life of students. Alumni shared their experiences and local and expert teachers informed them about the latest developments in various fields. At the conclusion of the conference, the alumni were honored with mementos and gifts.

Present among all the alumni, NIFT Bhopal alumnus, Mrs. Umang Sridhar, Entrepreneur, Founder, Umang Sridhar Designs, said, “Alumni meet connects all the students and teachers with each other. It is very important for every college, institute. Because these days your network is your net worth.”

The evening started with dancing and singing for which a DJ night was also organized for everyone. Before that, a tree plantation campaign was also conducted keeping the environment in mind. All the teachers, alumni and everyone together made the campus greener by planting trees.

This first Alumni Conference has laid the foundation of a strong group of old and new members of NIFT Bhopal, which will help the institute move forward.

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