Afghan diplomat announces her decision to resign citing personal attacks, defamation

New Delhi, May 4 (UNI) Zakia Wardak, a senior Afghan diplomat, on Saturday announced her decision to resign from her position citing “numerous personal attacks and defamation” as the reason.

In her resignation letter effective Sunday, Wardak, who was serving as the consul general in Mumbai, said: “Over the past year, I have encountered numerous personal attacks and defamation not only directed towards me but also towards my close family and extended relatives.”

“These attacks, which appear to be organised, have severely impacted my ability to effectively operate in my role and have demonstrated the challenges faced by women in Afghan society who strive to modernise and bring positive change amidst ongoing propaganda campaigns,” she said.

Wardak she was unprepared for the toll that attacks on her took on those close to her. She added, “The persistent and coordinated nature of these attacks, aimed at defaming my character and undermining my efforts, have surpassed a tolerable threshold.”

“It has become increasingly clear that the public narrative is unfairly targeting the only female representative within this system, rather than focusing on constructive assistance and support,” she alleged.

She thanked the Indian government for its “unwavering support” to her.

“It has been a great privilege working alongside the people of India for the past three years. I am grateful for the collaborative efforts and shared vision for progress between our nations,” she wrote in the statement.

“I sincerely hope for a future where women in leadership roles are supported and respected, where opportunities for progress are embraced rather than met with hostility and defamation. My commitment to advocating for positive change remains unwavering despite this decision,” she said.

Zakia Wardak, along with Mohammad Ibrahim Khil, another Afghan consul in India, control the Afghan embassy in Delhi in collaboration with the Taliban government.

She was appointed consul of Afghanistan in Mumbai during the Ashraf Ghani government and was the first Afghan woman diplomat to collaborate with the Taliban, which faced severe criticism from Afghan citizens at that time.

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