60 percent of sanctioned posts of doctors are vacant in district

  • Most posts of specialist doctors in district hospital are vacant; women doctors not posted in community centers

Chronicle Reporter, Sidhi
About 60 percent of the sanctioned posts of doctors in government hospitals of the district are lying vacant for years. Due to lack of doctors, medical care of patients is greatly affected. For this, neither any meaningful initiative is being taken from the administrative level nor have any serious efforts been made by the public representatives.

It is to inform that the health system in Sidhi district has derailed due to lack of doctors. Most of the sanctioned posts of specialist doctors are lying vacant in the district hospital, while most of the sanctioned posts of doctors are also lying vacant in Community Health Centers Rampur Naikin, Churhat, Semaria, Majhauli, Kusmi and Sihawal. The primary health centers are in the most pathetic condition. Many health centers do not even have doctors posted. In such a situation, many primary health centers are being run with the help of nurses and compounders. The same situation persists regarding the posting of staff nurses. In urban areas, staff nurses are posted on contract basis, but in rural areas, the need to post staff nurses as per requirement is not felt. In this regard, experts say that the issue of shortage of doctors in Sidhi district always arises during elections. After the elections are over, the winning candidates never take any serious, meaningful initiative regarding the health problem.

Referral game going on in hospitals

Doctors do not make any serious efforts to save the lives of serious patients coming to the government hospitals of Sidhi district. Doctors of primary and community health centers directly refer serious patients to the district hospital. Even in the district hospital, after normal treatment, doctors shirked their responsibility by referring patients to Sanjay Gandhi Medical College Hospital, Rewa. In the government hospitals of Sidhi district, no meaningful efforts are made by the doctors to save the lives of serious patients. In such a situation, the question is being raised whether the hospitals of Sidhi district will remain referral hospitals even after the government gives a budget of crores every year for the operation of government hospitals. Neither a trauma center has been operated for serious patients in the district hospital nor do doctors understand the need to remain in the hospital during duty hours. The doctors’ interest is limited only to seeing the patients in their bungalows.

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