Young couple found hanging in hotel room

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Bhopal: In Bhopal, a tragic incident unfolded on Wednesday night as the dead bodies of a 22-year-old man, identified as Manish Chakravarty, and a 19-year-old woman, Kiran Kewat, both hailing from Katni, were discovered in a hotel room on Hamidia Road. While awaiting autopsy and forensic results, investigators suspect a suicide pact.

Manish was found on the bed with a rope around his neck, and Kiran’s body was hanging from the ceiling fan. No suicide note was recovered and police did not find evidence pointing to third-party involvement. The room was locked from the inside.

The couple had checked into the hotel on Tuesday night. Police were notified by hotel workers on Wednesday night that the couple had not been seen during the day and were not answering the door, according to SHO Hanumanganj Awadhesh Singh Bhadouria..

The forensic team is examining a cell phone found in the room for potential clues. The victims’ families have been informed and are on their way to Bhopal. The bodies have been sent for autopsy, and the Hanumanganj police have initiated a case. The mysterious nature of Manish’s noose has left investigators puzzled.

SHO Bhadouria stated, “With the door locked from the inside, foul play by a third party seems unlikely. The post-mortem report will reveal the sequence of events and who succumbed first.”

He further mentioned, “It appears that Kiran and Manish were involved in a relationship and had eloped. Neither family was aware of their whereabouts when they left. The bags found in their room indicate their intention to stay away from home. Our investigation is ongoing.”


Church Father murdered by younger brother

In Kokta of Bilkhiriya, MP capital Bhopal, over a transaction of Rs 50,000, the younger brother along with his wife and son killed a church father by pouring kerosene on him and burning him alive. The police have registered a case against the accused and arrested them.

According to police officials, Fr. Harikishan Rana, aged 60, lived in a church in Mumbai and his younger brother Mohandas Rana, aged 56, lived nearby in Kokta. Mohandas does farming. Harikishan had lent 50 thousand rupees to Mohandas. Younger brother Mohandas was reluctant to return the said money. Last day, Harikishan reached Mohandas’s house for money. Where there was a dispute between the two brothers. The dispute escalated so much that Mohan Das’s wife Leela and son Azad came after hearing the noise.

All three caught Harikishan and dragged him inside the house. Here Harikishan was beaten, poured kerosene on him and set him on fire. Harikishan screamed as soon as his body caught fire.

Hearing the noise, Harikishan’s wife and son came, who extinguished the fire and took him to Hamidia Hospital. Where seeing his condition the doctors admitted him. Harikishan died during treatment in the hospital today. The police registered a case of murder against the three accused, arrested them and presented them in the court. From where all three were sent to jail in judicial custody. Meanwhile, during interrogation by the police, the deceased’s son Sonu Rana told that his father was a Father in a church in Mumbai and he used to live in Mumbai most of the time. A few days ago, he had come to his home in Bhopal, father Harikishan had lent 50 thousand rupees to uncle Mohandas at the time of his daughter’s marriage.

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