Worship of Matarani on Bengali theme

  • People busy preparing for Navratri festival

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Of late, preparations are being made in different ways by different groups of the city before the Navratri festival to worship the Mother Goddess. The city’s women’s active group, Glamour Girl Group, worshiped the Mother Goddess before Navratri on the Bengali theme with Indian culture and in traditional costumes, applied tilak to each other and wished each other before the festival. In the restaurant located at Kerva Dam, Indian culture was decorated with the traditional culture of Bengal and refreshed the memories of the famous Navratri of Bengal. Group administrator Nishita Singh said that host Renu Yadav greeted all the members by applying tilak, presenting bracelets and giving them a picture of Mata Rani. The group members will do special work for animal kindness and will also do cow service by going to cow shelters.

She These participated in the program
On this occasion, group leader Nishita Singh, host Vanshika Tarleja, Toshiba Khare, Neeta Paspol, Renu Yadav, Anamika Sharma, Palak Malviya, Monica Yadav, Vanshika etc. were present.

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