Woman ends life after killing daughters

  • In-Laws’ allegedly tortured her for not bearing a son

Bhopal: A distressing incident unfolded in Bhopal as a mother, under severe mental anguish from her in-laws’ pressure regarding her inability to conceive a son, took the extreme step of ending her life after killing her two young daughters on Tuesday. The woman, identified as Sangita Yadav, aged 28, tragically ended her life by hanging herself, while her daughters, 5-year-old Aradhya and 2-year-old Shristi, fell victim to her desperate act. The harrowing incident took place in Roadiya village, situated 35 kilometers from Bhopal within the jurisdiction of the Gunaga police station. Sadly, Sangita’s youngest daughter, a three-year-old, is currently battling for her life in the hospital.

The discovery of the bodies occurred on Tuesday afternoon, prompting authorities to transfer them to Hamidia Hospital. Initial inquiries by Gunaga police station in-charge Arun Sharma indicate that Sangita took her own life and that of her daughters. However, a comprehensive investigation is underway to ascertain the exact circumstances leading to this tragedy.

Sangita’s brother, Neeraj Yadav, has pointed fingers at her in-laws, accusing them of subjecting his sister to relentless harassment. Neeraj disclosed receiving distressing messages from Sangita during the night preceding the incident. In one of these messages, she expressed feeling unwell and hinted at consuming poison, suggesting an impending catastrophe.

Recounting his efforts to reach Sangita, Neeraj said, “I attempted to contact her on her mobile several times, but received no response. I also tried calling her brother-in-law, who ignored my calls twice. Upon finally answering, he assured me that everything was fine at home, but I remained skeptical.” Subsequently, Neeraj enlisted the help of nearby relatives to investigate, leading to the heartbreaking confirmation of the tragic fate that had befallen Sangita and her daughters.

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