Who will be the Congress-BJP candidate from Chaurai Assembly?

  • Names of claimants are increasing as time approaches
  • All contenders are trying their best to get ticket

Vijendra Amadare, Chhindwara
Bharatiya Janata Party has announced the names of 79 candidates for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2023, in which candidates have been announced for six seats except Chaurai Assembly of Chhindwara district. The list of candidates has not been released by Congress yet.

Earlier, only two names were coming out among the possible candidates from BJP from Chaurai Assembly, but suddenly after the visit of Union Minister Prahlad Patel, three new names have come into discussion. On the other hand, it is being speculated from the Congress side that State Congress Committee President Kamal Nath has pointed towards MLA Sujit Chaudhary, but this has not been confirmed yet. However, there is a lot of resentment in the organization regarding fielding the current MLA of Chaurai assembly from the election field again. From that point of view, Congress can also consider any of the other five possible names. Political experts say that if BJP changes its face from the Chaurai Assembly, then Congress can also take a decision regarding the change. Now it remains to be seen which two names will finally come face to face in the election field. At present all the contenders are trying their best to get the ticket.

BJP is considering five names

Pandit Ramesh Dubey has been BJP’s only candidate since 1990, but this is the first time that he too is facing the need of asking for a ticket like other leaders. Apart from Pandit Ramesh Dubey from Chaurai Assembly, among the possible names, the name of former minister Chandrabhan Chaudhary, former vice president District Panchayat Shailendra Patel, District Panchayat member Lakhan Kumar Patel and the name of Ajay Ramdas from Jagatguru Rambhadracharya ji’s Shrimukh have also emerged. Now it remains to be seen whose name is approved or whether the party leaves everyone else and places its bets on some powerful leader.

Churning is going on for these names of Congress

PCC Chief Kamal Nath is betting on the old face and is insisting on giving ticket to the present MLA Sujit Choudhary, while the organization is adamant on making changes, expressing disagreement on this. Now it remains to be seen whether Kamal Nath decides to give the ticket on the basis of his thinking or by expressing confidence in the organization, any one of these five possible names Rishi/Harishchand Patel, Baijulal Verma, Pritam Patel, Naveen Patel, Bunty Patel will be fielded. Let’s consider taking off. The final decision regarding the assembly ticket is in the hands of the party, but voices are being raised from the organization regarding change of face.

Ajab Singh Lodhi’s ticket was cut at the time – In the year 2003, the top leadership had made a face change and made Ajab Singh Lodhi a candidate, but due to political conspiracy, his ticket was cut at the time, about which the Lodhi community expressed great displeasure. In the 2008 elections, Ajab Singh Lodhi was fielded as an independent candidate. However, Congress won due to division of votes between BJP and independent candidates.

Former CM Uma Bharti’s name is rising in social media

After the intervention of the BJP’s central leadership and the announcement of fielding three Union Ministers and seven Lok Sabha MPs in the Assembly elections, the name of former Chief Minister Ms. Uma Bharti is being discussed on social media platforms as a candidate from Chaurai Assembly. The way the central leadership is taking charge of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly and Chaurai Assembly is dominated by Lodhi, it would not be surprising if Ms. Uma Bharti’s name is approved.


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