While PM travels by expensive planes, people living in penury: Priyanka

Rae Bareli (UP), May 12 (UNI) Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Sunday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that while he

waived off loans of his billionaire friends and traveled by expensive planes, the general public was still living in penury.

While campaigning in favour of his brother and Congress candidate from Rae Bareli Parliamentary constituency Rahul Gandhi at the Nyaya Sankalp Sabha in Achaleshwar Harchandpur area, Priyanka said while Modi waived off loans worth Rs 16 lakh crores of his billionaire friends and travels by planes the general public is living in poverty.

She said Rahul Gandhi closely understood the problems of the people during his 4,000 KM long Nyaya Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and on his request manifesto has been prepared by the Congress Party in which an amount of about Rs 8,000 will be given to the women and jobs will be given to unemployed people and women.

The Congress leader said that it is the policy of the Modi government that no matter how hard one works, he or she will not get a job. Papers get leaked, youth are troubled and people’s lives are ruined. Today even a pension is not available, she said.

She alleged that Prime Minister Modi has given employment-generating companies to his billionaire friends. “Narendra Modi brought demonetisation and such policies that people have started fearing industry and business also. The right thing is not being shown on TV. Whatever development is being shown that is not on the ground,” she said.

Priyanka alleged that the BJP leaders and candidates here will not talk about any development, they grab people’s land and only talk about religion, whereas a true leader will seek votes based on the right words and work.

Raising questions on the COVID-19 vaccine, she said, “I have got the COVID-19 vaccine but after that, I fell ill. When the reality of the vaccine company was revealed, Narendra Modi’s photo disappeared from it. Today BJP is the richest party in the world,” she said.

The Congress leader said, “Today you will not find any leader like Rahul Gandhi who will undertake a long journey of 4000 KM on foot to know about the problems of the people and will be involved in the happiness and sorrow of the people.”

Appealing to the public, she said that I am confident that the people here trust Rahul Gandhi and the Gandhi family and hence will make Congress win with huge votes.

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