We cannot experience God’s grace

  • Geeta Satsang week and Upanishad contemplation starts in Manas Bhavan
  • Sermon of Swami Anubhavanand Saraswati

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
While speaking on the importance of Geeta Satsang in the inaugural evening under the Geeta Satsang Week in Pandit Ramkinkar Upadhyay Auditorium at Manas Bhawan under the joint auspices of Tulsi Manas Pratishthan and Maharishi Agastya Vedic Institute, Swami Anubhavanand Saraswati said that those who do not use their knowledge only generate guilt.

On the contrary, when we know the effect of our knowledge and do not oppose it, that is self-confidence. While describing the glory of sages and saints, he said that saints reside in this consciousness due to which there is absence of sorrows in their lives. He said that unless we decide for ourselves what is worthy and what is unworthy through our conscience, we become doubtful. This is the practice of spirituality. Through the verses of Gita it was said that we should not take this sadhana to mean that every seeker among us cannot do it. God’s blessings are on everyone. But we are not able to experience that grace. Giving a simple example, he said that when we tell the symptoms of a disease to the doctor, only then does the doctor take a decision about our disease. Similarly, if we recognize God, then we can automatically know the characteristics of God through self-experience. Then there is no loss of Advaita while remaining within our duality.

God is the controller of creation

That is, God is the controller of the entire creation. Such belief happens. Through such spiritual practice there is absence of sorrows in life. And we experience spiritual bliss. At the beginning of the program, Prabhudayal Mishra, Kailash Joshi, Secretary, Sanjeev Agarwal, Kiran Agarwal and Manish Gupta welcomed Maharajshree with flowers.

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