Cancer patient treated with brachytherapy

  • 32 year old village woman had cancer in her lip
  • consumption of food and water became difficult
  • Complete recovery in one week’s treatment

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
A 32 year old Rashmi (name changed), resident of a village in Damoh district, was suffering from pain due to a blister on her lower lip for the last 7 months and could neither eat food nor drink water. After showing many doctors in the entire district, it was found that there was cancer in the lip. Then on the advice of the villagers she came to AIIMS Bhopal.

Doctors of the radiotherapy department of AIIMS Bhopal examined Rashmi and decided to do brachytherapy. Dr. Vipin Kharade, Professor of Radiotherapy Department started treatment under the guidance of Dr. Manish Gupta and Dr. Saikat Das and after only one week of treatment, lip cancer was completely cured. And there was no expenditure on treatment because she also had the Ayushman Yojana card. Executive Director of AIIMS Bhopal, Dr. Ajay Singh congratulated the entire team for this achievement.

Doctors told the benefits of brachytherapy

AIIMS doctors said that in brachytherapy, the radiation source is placed inside or near the tumor. Most of the radiation sources used in this are radiation isotopes that emit low energy gamma rays. Therefore, even with high dose treatment, the organs around the tumor remain safe and there is no harm to them. In other circumstances, there is a need to surgically remove the cancerous tumor and perform plastic surgery. To deliver the drug to the cancer tumor, the radiation isotope has to be placed in the affected part of the body, for which various applicators including interstitial needles have been developed. The design of these applicators is determined based on the size, type and location of the tumor. This facility is available only in some selected hospitals of Madhya Pradesh.

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