Waiting number above 100 in Rewanchal Superfast

  • Railways did not make additional arrangements, did not even increase number of coaches

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The crowd of passengers has again started increasing in the daily and weekly Rewanchal Superfast Express running from Rani Kamlapati to Rewa. The wedding season is starting from 18th April, in view of which the regional people living in Bhopal-Indore want to come to Rewa. Therefore, the waiting number in the sleeper of the only train coming regularly from Bhopal has reached above a hundred. At present, West Central Railway has not made any alternative arrangement to deal with the situation, so that passengers can get relief while traveling during summer days. At the same time, the number of passengers has also increased in the Rewa weekly special running from Rani Kamalapati every Saturday. In such a situation, West Central Railway has not been able to find any solution to control the crowd in the regular Rewanchal train. Due to the operating system, this train has become the first favorite train for the people of Vindhya. The daily Rewa train has 6 sleeper, 11 AC, four general, one battery and guard coaches. That’s why this problem is arising. It is said that even on normal days this train runs with sufficient number of passengers. Despite this, West Central Railway has still not been able to provide adequate security arrangements in the train. As the crowd increases, the possibility of incidents like theft also increases, which has happened many times in this train.

There will be good earnings only in April

It is to inform that in the month of April of the year 2024, there are only 5 days of auspicious ascendant, which are from 18th April to 22nd April. After this, there is no auspicious marriage in the months of May and June. There are some auspicious ascendants in the month of July. After this, there will be a ban on auspicious ascendant for three-four months. This time it will have a direct impact on passenger trains also. After the above five days of April, there will be less crowd of passengers in the train for the next two months, which will not be good for the railway administration from the revenue point of view.

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