Voting will be held in first phase in MP on April 19

Bhopal: Chief Electoral Officer Anupam Rajan said that the voting process will be held from 7 am to 6 pm on April 19 in the state. Voting will be held from 7 am to 4 pm in all the polling stations of Baihar, Lanji and Paraswada assembly constituencies of Balaghat parliamentary constituency.

Rajan said that the process of mock poll will start from 5:30 am, one and a half hour before voting starts. This process will take place in the presence of the candidate or his authorized agent. If a candidate or his agent does not appear at the polling station at 5:30, he will be made to wait for 15 minutes.

After this, the process of mock poll will be started in the presence of polling parties and other members. There is a provision to conduct mock poll with minimum 50 votes, in which NOTA will also be included. Before starting the process of mock poll, the ballot unit and VVPAT will be kept in the VVPAT compartment. The control unit will have to be placed on the table of the presiding officer or the table of the polling officer.

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