Voter clinches diamond ring in polling booth lucky draw

Bhopal: Diamonds dazzle in Bhopal as the Election Commission introduces innovative incentives to boost voter turnout after lackluster participation in Madhya Pradesh’s initial election phases. Among these initiatives are captivating lucky draws held within Bhopal’s polling precincts.

At polling stations citywide, EC teams have erected lucky draw kiosks, inviting voters to jot down their names on slips and deposit them into designated boxes.

In a stroke of luck, Bhopal resident Yaggoj Sahu emerged as the fortunate recipient of a stunning diamond ring during the inaugural lucky draw at the Char Imli polling booth. Securing the premier prize, Yaggoj set the tone for subsequent draws with his remarkable win.

“This initiative by the Election Commission is truly inventive. It injects an element of excitement into the voting process, offering participants the chance to win substantial prizes in a lucky draw. I never imagined I’d be so fortunate; in fact, I almost forgot about entering. The first thing I did upon waking was to cast my vote,” shared an elated Yaggoj Sahu with Free Press.

Joining the ranks of lucky victors was Jagdish Prasad Patel, who claimed a mixer grinder as his reward. Even Collector Kaushlendra Vikram Singh took part in the Char Imli polling booth’s lucky draw festivities.

Reports indicate that the lucky draw boasts an array of prizes, including diamond rings, dinner sets, and mixer grinders, enticing voters to engage in the democratic process with added enthusiasm.

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