Veera returns to Kuno jungle

Bhopal: Kuno National Park officials breathed a sigh of relief when the female cheetah, Veera, finally made her way back to the Kuno jungle after roaming around nearby villages for two to three days.

Thirukural, the forest officer of Sheopur district, mentioned, “Veera returned to Kuno jungle on Tuesday evening, having ventured into areas near the villages.”

Tracking Veera proved to be a challenging task for officials, with the dedicated team pursuing her day and night. The difficulty escalated when her radio collar signal became unreachable on Tuesday afternoon.

The limited range of the radio collar signal, which is 1.5 kilometers, posed a significant obstacle for the tracking team. An official noted that if the range had been 5 kilometers, the team would have faced fewer challenges.

The last known location of Veera was confirmed in Veerpur village late on Monday night, after she had reached the Morena border on Sunday. Concerns heightened among officials as there was no signal until Tuesday noon.

Currently, only two cheetahs roam freely in the Kuno jungle, while the remaining 11 are kept in enclosures. The release of these cheetahs into the wild awaits approval from the Cheetah Steering Committee.

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