Vande Bharat Train Maintenance Depot to be built in Sant Hirdaram

  • Maintenance and overhauling hub for trains will be built at a cost of Rs 129 crore, work on redevelopment of the station continues

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
In view of the rapidly increasing number of Vande Bharat trains in the country, the Railway Board has decided to establish Vande Bharat train maintenance depots at many places. In the same sequence, a depot is also being built under Bhopal division.

The maintenance depot of Vande Bharata train being built at Sant Nagar railway station will be built at a cost of Rs 100 crore. According to the information received from the Railways, the maintenance depot at Sant Hirdaram Nagar Railway Station will be ready in the next two years. At present the work of redevelopment of the station is going on here. Platform numbers three and four are being developed. A maintenance and overhauling hub for trains will be built here at a cost of Rs 129 crore. The most important thing is that in the Vande Bharat Coach Maintenance Depot of Sant Nagar, not only the trains of West Central Railway will be maintained but the Vande Bharat Express of the surrounding zones will also be maintained. Here, maintenance of one Vande Bharat Express can be done every 8 hours.

Automatic Coach Washing Plant – This depot will have an automatic coach washing plant for washing the exterior of trains. Additionally, state-of-the-art drop pit tables will be installed to allow removal and fitting of bogies without lifting the coaches.

There will also be specialties
–       Facility to shift bogies using a drop pit table in the depot and workshop.
– Vande Bharat train will have modern equipment to rotate its wheels without any hindrance.
– 12 thousand square meter vacant land towards Platform-2 of Sant Hirdaram Nagar Railway Station is being used for this hub. So that maintenance of trains can be done in the coaching depot.

Maintenance cannot be done in normal depot

Vande Bharat has a maximum of 15 sitting class coaches. To run the rake, four coaches have a self-propelled engine. In these, Over Head Electric (OHE) systems are installed separately for power supply. Therefore, maintenance of this train cannot be done in the normal coaching depot.

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