Uma Bharti will go to Himalayas in the month of Kartik

  • Will keep distance from elections, will not even campaign
  • Kartik month will last from 29 October to 27 November
  • Election campaigning will continue during this period

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti has distanced herself from the assembly elections. She has said that she will stay in Badri-Kedar and Himalayas in the month of Kartik. This is being taken to mean that she will not even campaign. This is being seen as a big announcement because the month of Kartik will last from 29 October to 27 November. During this time, the election campaign will be at its peak.

Earlier, a day earlier, Uma Bharti had said in the program of Mata Beti Bai Social Welfare Foundation that she will neither contest the Lok Sabha elections nor the Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. If the party gives her a chance, she will contest elections from a third state. Since assembly elections cannot be contested from any other state as they are local elections, but if the party gives a chance in Lok Sabha, then it would like to contest elections from some other state.

After this there was speculation that she might contest the elections. Giving clarification on this, Uma Bharti made several tweets one after the other on Tuesday. She said that she had not gone to Badri-Kedar and Himalayas last year. As she was involved in the campaign of prohibition in Madhya Pradesh.

This year she wants to go to the Himalayas and Badri and Kedar Nath for some time in the month of Kartik. Uma Bharti wrote that discussions are being held about her contesting the assembly elections. Due to this she has to face a lot of trouble and embarrassment, because this is not true.

Will keep fighting for women’s reservation

The former Chief Minister has said that she will continue the struggle for OBC reservation in women’s reservation. She said that many political parties and social service organizations are trying to give separate reservation to OBC women in women’s reservation. She has faith in this subject which is beyond politics.

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