Congress veterans will also challenge BJP by entering field

  • Discussion took place on names of possible candidates in the meeting of Central Screening Committee
  • Brainstorming on fielding a winning candidate
  • Proposal for one name for several seats ready

Pravesh Kumar Mishra, New Delhi
Taking forward the process of selection of its candidates for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, the Congress Screening Committee has prepared a proposal of one name for most of the seats by building consensus from a comprehensive and challenging perspective.

If sources are to be believed, in the fourth formal meeting of the Central Scrutiny Committee, apart from some seats decided earlier, the names of possible candidates for the remaining seats have been discussed. In the meeting, multi-level discussions were held to field the winning candidate by keeping the list of candidates declared by BJP in front. Sources are saying that in this meeting, giving special importance to the latest survey report, it has been agreed to once again discuss each seat and prepare a proposal with amendments.

In the meeting, a formal agreement was reached to field almost all senior leaders except Rajya Sabha MPs to pose an aggressive challenge to the BJP strategists. Party leaders argue that the way BJP has tried to blunt the anti-incumbency wave by fielding its Union ministers and MPs, to challenge that strategy, the Congress Party has made a strategy of siege by fielding leaders of the same strength in that particular area.

In the meeting, the leaders have decided that on the lines of the strategy under which BJP has tried to give a meaningful message in the entire region by fielding its MPs, Congress will field its senior leaders from other selected seats around that region. -A strategy has been made to give positive and aggressive messages in the surrounding areas. That is, Congress has made a strategy to corner its rivals on one side and find an easy and safe path for itself.

Sources are saying that the proposal to cancel the tickets of some sitting MLAs is still pending. Because the party is assessing the possible loss caused by this decision. The report card of about thirty sitting MLAs has come out very bad, hence alternative candidates are being searched for those seats.

Keeping in view the possibility of rebellion, a strategy has also been made to have personal talks with such leaders and make them voluntarily withdraw their claims. Sources are saying that the meeting of the Central Election Committee is going to be held soon in which the proposal of the scrutiny committee will be discussed and the final approval will be given to the names of the candidates. Although a proposal to wait till Navratri to release the list has come from some leaders, a decision in this regard will be taken only after the CEC meeting. In a meeting held on Tuesday, a proposal for two names was prepared for about forty seats.

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