Uma angry over not giving special place to OBC women

  • Will campaign against women’s bill
  • Says – Pain remained in my mind

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti has come out in protest against the women’s reservation bill presented in the House on Tuesday. She has said that women of OBC category have not been given special place in this bill.

She will now openly oppose this bill and launch a movement to provide 50 percent reservation for OBC women. Uma Bharti told at a press conference at her residence in Bhopal that the women’s reservation bill was introduced during the time of Deve Gowda ji. At that time I had said that provision should also be made for SC-ST women, after which the bill was stopped. I had suggested that reservation should be given on the basis of Mandal Commission.

She said, I have raised this issue on every platform of the party, on which I have also got the support of Atal and Advani ji. When the news was confirmed that the Women’s Reservation Bill would be introduced today, I wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi asking for OBC reservation. I had written to the PM that if this provision is not made today, I will openly oppose it. Congress and Kharge have spoken in favor of my point today. But where did this Congress go when I raised this issue in Parliament?

Will demand from CM Chauhan

Uma Bharti said that she is happy that the Women’s Reservation Bill has been passed. But the pain of OBC women not getting any exemption in this remains in my heart. In such a situation, a campaign will be started against this bill from today itself. Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti has said that what would be the benefit of giving Rs. 2,000 to women, if you have to give more space to women then give them more seats in the House. She said that she will also request the Chief Minister to provide reservation to OBC women in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly. The Muslim women who have been marked should also get a place in this.

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