Ujjain-Indore division to be developed as religious-spiritual circuit: CM

  • Dr. Yadav reviews proposed action plan of Simhastha-2028

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
CM Dr. Mohan Yadav said that Ujjain-Indore division will be developed as a complete religious-spiritual circuit including easy transportation and improvement of their infrastructure to Pashupatinath Mandsaur, Dada Dhuniwale in Khandwa, Bhadwamata, Nalkheda, Omkareshwar etc. for Simhastha-2028. Public participation should also be encouraged in the arrangements being developed for Simhastha. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav was addressing the meeting organized in Mantralaya on the proposed action plan of Simhastha-2028.

Ensure expansion of Kshipra river ghats

Chief Minister Dr. Yadav said that the fair area should be developed systematically for Simhastha-2028. The ghats of Kshipra river should be expanded so that the devotees coming in large numbers can take bath. As a result of increase in the number of private vehicles, the number of people coming to Simhastha by road will be very high, therefore, adequate parking arrangements should be ensured. Based on the series of devotees who came in the previous Simhastha, guest houses with basic facilities should be developed on all the routes reaching Ujjain by estimating the number of visitors in the upcoming Simhastha. The system of hotels and dharamshalas built in large numbers in Ujjain city should also be strengthened. Homestay system should also be promoted in rural areas adjacent to Ujjain.

14 crore devotees likely to arrive in Simhastha

It may be noted that in the year 2028, Simhastha Mahaparva will be held from 27 March to 27 May. In this grand festival, 3 shahi snan and 07 parva snan are proposed in the period from 9th April to 8th May. About 14 crore devotees are estimated to arrive in Simhastha Mahaparva. Therefore, a preliminary action plan has been made for Simhastha-2028 including the districts of Indore and Ujjain divisions in which 523 works worth about Rs 18 thousand 840 crore related to 19 departments are proposed.

Issues like comfortable transportation of devotees, development of main roads, construction of new roads, drinking water, purification of water, electricity supply, law and order and traffic management, accommodation during Simhastha period, development of tourist places etc. were discussed in the meeting.

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