Trump says ex-Republican candidate will be working with his team for long time

Washington, Jan 17 (UNI) Former US President Donald Trump said his former Republican rival Vivek Ramaswamy will be working with is team for a long time.

Ramaswamy suspended his campaign after only garnering close to 8% of votes in the Iowa Republican Caucus while Trump won the state’s support for the Republican nomination with 51% of votes.

“He’ll be working with us for a long time,” Trump said during a campaign speech in the state of New Hampshire.

Ramaswamy made an appearance at Trump’s campaign rally in New Hampshire to endorse the former US president for the upcoming US election.

Former Deputy Communications Director for Vivek 2024 Stefan Mychajli told Sputnik he will not speculate on what role Trump plans to have Ramaswamy serve in with his team.

“I would never, ever speculate on a decision that only President Trump knows< ” Mychajli said. “What I can confidently say is that Vivek Ramaswamy is a conservative patriot who cares deeply about restoring American excellence. Vivek will stop at nothing to keep the ‘America First’ agenda moving forward, a cause that will restore the beauty of the American Dream for generations to come.”

Whatever future capacity Vivek serves within a future administration will be up to Trump, he added.

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