Cheetah Shaurya brought from Namibia dies

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal,
Cheetah Shaurya, brought from Namibia, died in Kuno National Park, Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh. When the cheetah monitoring team saw him at 11 am on Tuesday, he was looking unconscious and weak. When the team gave him CPR, his condition improved slightly. But he died at 3.17 in the afternoon. The cause of death would be revealed after the post-mortem. So far, this is the 10th death including cubs and adults. Seven adult cheetahs and three cubs have died so far in Kuno.

Cheetah Shaurya, who was brought from Namibia, had come with his real brother Gaurav. Both of them always lived together and hunted together. After some time both of them had a clash with Agni and Vayu cheetahs. Both Agni and Vayu are also real brothers. Agni Cheetah was seriously injured in this. After this the cheetahs were kept in an enclosure.

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