Trump claims most Gaza hostages dead, reason why talks unproductive

Washington, May 24 (UNI) Former President Donald Trump said during a campaign rally in New York City that he believes most of the hostages in Gaza are dead.

“Many of the hostages that you’re waiting for, and everybody’s waiting for those hostages, many of them are dead,” Trump said on Thursday. “Many of them are dead.”

Trump claims that Hamas negotiators are unwilling to agree to a hostage deal with Israel because most of their hostages are dead.

Three Trump-era diplomats were in Israel on Monday to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for an update on the Gaza conflict.

Although the Trump officials did not go to Israel at the direction of the former US president, they were expected to brief him about their meetings with Israeli officials, media reported.

CIA Director Bill Burns is reportedly traveling to Europe to attempt to revive hostage talks.

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