Tripura: BJP is contesting to ensure a historic winning margin: Chief Minister: Manik Saha

Agartala, Apr 13 (UNI) Tripura Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha on Saturday said BJP will win with a landslide victory in both the parliamentary constituencies in Tripura in the ensuing elections, adding the party has been campaigning hard to increase the winning margin.

In an exclusive talk with UNI Dr Saha who has already crossed a hundred mark of poll rallies in less than a month said BJP had won the election after the announcement of the candidates and the comprehensive campaign trail. The BJP workers have reached out to each voter of the state following the systemic strategy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said.

“Prime Minister has been speaking to the citizens through Maan Ki Bat on the last Sunday of every month on unique issues, which become more popular than Ramayana across India. We have also followed the same strategy to reach out to the people at the local level. As a result, people are with us and decided to re-elect Modiji for the third tenure,” Dr Saha observed.

He claimed that the people of Tripura would vote for BJP candidates to present two lotuses to Narendra Modi, as he has offered exceptional development for the Northeast in the last 10 years. Infrastructure, healthcare facilities, roadways, connectivity, skill development, entrepreneurship, trade, and commerce under the Narendra Modi government have got a facelift in the region, which people of Northeast have been aspiring to since Independence.

The Chief Minister considered the opposition CPI-M, a viable opposition in Tripura despite a large number of communist cadres deserted them and joined in saffron brigade six years after seeing the development and activities of the Modi-led government in the state.

“Still CPI-M retains a vote bank in Tripura. Therefore, we don’t want to sit idle with self-gratification. Although our victory is certain in both seats, our target is to win the seats with a historic margin. The response of the people in the markets and roadsides when my convoy passed through reflected joy and satisfaction among them. I am sure this will be mirrored in EVMs,” Dr Saha attributed.

Criticizing the left front’s rule in Tripura, he reminded that insurgency, murder, mayhem, rape, and kidnapping were routine activities. But through dialogue and signing the agreement with the different aggrieved outfits Prime Minister Narendra Modi restored peace in the Northeast in 10 years.

A long dispute over Ram Temple was resolved by Prime Minister Modi by setting up the idol of Lord Ram, which has been a most cherished emotion of Indians. Prime Minister restored democracy by scrapping Articles 370 and 35 (A) of the constitution and abolishing triple talaq, Dr Saha claimed and added that the oneness of India has been established where opposition parties will not get any space.

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