Transporters protest in Bhopal, waylay buses, autos

Long queues at petrol pumps as trucks, tankers come to halt

Bhopal: Transporters created ruckus in Bhopal on Monday morning as they demanded withdrawal of new provisions under hit-and-run cases, increasing imprisonment to 7 years and fines to Rs 10 lakh for the convicted drivers.

The members of Transporter Unions gathered at several parts of the city, like Lal Ghati, Peer Gate, and Hamidia Road, and waylaid the red buses and autorickshaws. They even stopped autorickshaws and cabs midway and forced the passengers out of the vehicles, insisting they must walk to their destination.

The old city’s Bhopal Talkies area was also impacted. Similarly, no auto was seen outside Bhopal Railway Station.

As per reports, a group of protestors beat two auto drivers carrying passengers at Gandhi Nagar.

Taxi union extends support

After much pressure, the taxi union extended support to the transporters’ strike. Nafis Uddin, president of the Bhopal taxi union, called the new penal law a “kaala kanoon” (black law). Criticising Union Home Minister Amit Shah, he said, “No driver ever aims to kill people on the road. Till his last breath, they try to save the passengers and other vehicles. The government must withdraw the new provisions.”

Shortage of petrol and diesel at pumps

Notably, on Sunday and Monday there was rush at Bhopal’s filling stations due to a shortage of petrol and diesel at the pumps. The truck drivers’ walkout against the new hit-and-run rule is the reason for the shortage of fuel at the petrol station.

People were standing in long lines at gas stations throughout the city, stretching several metres in front of their cars. It’s clear from the images emerging from the fueling station that things are spiralling out of control.

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