Training on flower relief art begins at IGRMS

Bhopal: Demonstration cum training on Flower Relief art organized from 06 to 15 June, 2024 under the museum educational program “Karo and Seekho” will be given by Mr. Sanjay Sapre at ceramic Bhawan. The programme was inaugurated by the Museum’s modeller, Shri K Seshadri. He told that there are many relief sculpture examples in the world. Many ancient buildings are decorated with relief sculptures. However, the most frequently known relief carving/sculpture is a coin. The images marked on coins (of all cultures) are examples of bas relief (low relief) artwork. To carve a relief, first draw out the image on the material chosen. Then, use sharp tools, such as chisels, corner chisels, gouges, and other knives to carefully carve the figures/image and scoop out the excess material.

Sapre said that Flower Relief is a beautiful creation made by carving it in clay, in this workshop will be taught making flower relief in rectangular or circular form in clay plate. The participants will be given clay in prescribed quantity; the participants will have to bring their own material like plaster of Paris, colour, fibre material etc. Under the artist’s guidance each participant will be able to learn from the mould to fibre cast and colour. The registration form for this program is Rs. 10/- and registration fee Rs. 500/- (per person).

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