Kidney stone, prostate surgeries to be performed using laser at BMHRC

  • 100-Watt Holmium Laser Machine Arrives in Urology Department

Bhopal: Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre (BMHRC) can now perform surgeries for kidney, ureter stones, and prostate using laser technology. The hospital has procured a 100-watt Holmium laser machine for this purpose. Dr Manisha Srivastava, Director-in-Charge, BMHHRC, dedicated it to the patients in the presence of Dr Arvind Rai, Head of the Surgery Department of Hamidia Hospital.

Dr. Manisha Srivastava explained that until now, kidney stone surgeries in the hospital were performed using the PCNL procedure. This method involves making an incision in the back and using a lithotripter to destroy the stone. With the new machine, stones in the kidney and ureter can be accessed and destroyed without an incision, through the urethra (urinary tract). This process can destroy stones up to 2 centimetres in size. Prostate surgeries can also be performed without an incision using this machine.

Benefits of surgeries performed using laser machine

Dr. Shariq Ul Hasan, Head, Department of Urology said that surgeries performed using the laser machine offer several benefits. Without the need for an incision, the patient experiences less pain, reduced risk of excessive bleeding, quicker recovery, and earlier discharge from the hospital.

New Machines to Arrive Soon: Dr. Manisha Srivastava also stated that the hospital’s existing equipment and machines are being upgraded, and new machines are being purchased. The Urology Department will soon receive a Urodynamic machine. Additionally, the process to acquire more machines is underway. In the future, kidney transplant facilities will also be made available.

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