Those who love ‘Jihad’ should go to the Pak: Yogi

Farrukhabad (UP), May 4 (UNI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday said that those who talk about jihad in India should feel ashamed of themselves and should rather go to Pakistan.

Addressing a public meeting in favour of Farrukhabad MP and BJP candidate Mukesh Rajput, the Chief Minister said that those talking about Jihad in India today drew their inspiration from those responsible for the partition of the country. “By promoting ‘Jihad’, they are disrespecting the democratic values of the country,” he said.

Launching a fierce attack on the Samajwadi Party, Congress, and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), he said, “Those who have robbed the poor of their rights and have not spared even the disabled, are now starting to remember jihad. They should know that it’s the land of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna and not Jihad.”

Yogi reflected on India’s transformation post-2014. He noted that before 2014, India grappled with a lack of global confidence, terrorism, and Naxalism.

He said, “Before 2014, government schemes often failed to reach the poor, unleashing anarchy in the country.”

The Chief Minister attributed the problems before 2014 to the then government, accusing them of lacking faith in India’s democratic principles and contrasting it with the present government, which is dedicatedly working to make India ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’ to bolster the nation’s strength. He criticised those hindering India’s progress, highlighting their involvement in corruption within various schemes.

He said that earlier, when there was an explosion or a terrorist attack, the government attributed them to forces from across the border. “But today even when a firecracker explodes in India, clarifications start coming from across the border. Everyone knows that the new India doesn’t provoke, but it doesn’t back down from those who provoke,” he said.

Yogi also highlighted the development of India and Uttar Pradesh. “In 2022, it was said that the bridge over the Ganges would start soon. Now, the work has begun. Earlier, Farrukhabad was considered an underdeveloped district. Today, steps have been taken to connect Farrukhabad with an expressway. In 2022, it was also said that the magnificent temple of Ram Lalla would be built in Ayodhya and the mafia would be eliminated,” he said.

He said that Congress used to question the existence of Lord Ram, but today, lakhs of people are visiting Ayodhya to have his darshan. “There is a curfew-free and riot-free environment in Uttar Pradesh. While work is being done to protect and honor villages, the poor, farmers, youth, and women in New India, the INDI alliance is planning to encroach upon their rights,” he said.

The Chief Minister said, “When there was a UPA government led by SP-Congress, they were trying to tamper with the reservation for OBCs, SCs, and STs.”

He said that the people of SP and Congress are trying to divide on religious grounds. “This is a conspiracy for the Islamization of India, and under this, they talk about vote jihad. There is no jihad in voting, we have to vote for the strongest democracy in the world so that our rights are protected. We should use our voting rights for development, respect, public welfare, and the development of future generations,” he said.

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