There may be dissent but there is no difference of opinion: Umang

  • Singhar replies regarding meeting with former CM Digvijay Singh
  • Why was Ladli’s effect not seen in Dhar-Barwani?
  • Lok Sabha election is a big battle

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Congress MLA from Gandhwani Umang Singhar, while talking to the media regarding his meeting with former CM Digvijay Singh, said that if all the people in the family have become united then there is nothing bad in it. There are Lok Sabha elections in the coming time.

This is a big battle. There is a need to prepare for that and boost the morale of the party workers. At the same time, on the question of sticking to his old statement regarding Digvijay Singh, he said that he has been continuously saying that there may be dissent between them, but there are no differences of opinion with anyone. Umang Singhar and Digvijay Singh were considered enemies of each other. After the defeat of Congress in the state assembly elections, Singhar had come to meet Digvijay Singh on Wednesday after apologizing to him. It is to mention that Umang Singhar had accused Digvijay Singh of running the Kamal Nath government from behind the scenes.He was also blamed for the fall of the government.

I never asked for a position in the party

On the question of becoming State Congress President, Umang Singhar said that he is working as a party worker. Will continue to do so in future also. Till date I have never asked for a post in the party. Fighting challenges is a task and we will continue to fight them. On the question of being involved in the race for Leader of Opposition, Singhar said that I was never in the race for the post. Never asked for a position. The entire party knows this.

This is not the public’s mandate, this is the BJP’s mandate

On the question of Congress’s defeat and the question being raised on EVMs, Singhar said that usually the government is formed by the one who has the lead in the postal ballot. This is the first time that after the lead in postal ballot, the results have been different. Congress was ahead in postal ballot on more than 190 seats, but after EVM there has been a difference in the results. This is not the mandate of the people. This is the mandate of BJP. He said that if Ladli Behna had an effect then why did it not happen in Alirajpur, Dhar and Barwani. He also said that we could not deliver the manifesto properly to the public. Regarding the Congress meeting to be held in Delhi, Umang Singhar said that the defeat will be reviewed. The strategy for Lok Sabha elections will be discussed and brainstorming will be done in Delhi regarding the manifesto and other issues.

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