There is vulgarity in movies: Govinda

Bhopal: Former Congress MP and film actor Govinda has said he has been getting a lot of work and offers in films. But according to his name, he did not get the job. Couldn’t find work worthy of the name Govinda, he said while commenting on his possible comeback in films. Govinda said there is vulgarity in films.

Actor Govinda had reached Bhopal with his wife on Thursday evening. During the programme, former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh welcomed him by garlanding him with flowers.

Came to Bhopal to take part in Janmashtami program

Matki Phod Festival was organized at Nehru Nagar intersection of Bhopal on Thursday. In which film actor Govinda participated. The festival was organized by MLA PC Sharma. Former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh also participated in the programme. A prize of Rs 1 lakh 11 thousand was kept in Matki Phod.

Govinda said on the issue of Sanatan in a press conference held in Bhopal that, Sanatan is like the ocean. The ocean does not put restrictions on anyone. But it gives the impression of its vastness. There is mother like love in the ocean. And there is nothing more than that.

Meanwhile, former Public Relations and Law Minister PC Sharma said that if the Congress government is formed, the International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA Awards) will be organized in Madhya Pradesh. Along with this he said that in the coming time, a film of Govinda will definitely be shot in Madhya Pradesh.

On One Nation One Election, Govinda said – everyone’s opinion should be heard. The government has its own different thinking. They can say we don’t want to see anyone other than us. If you ask me as an artist about the country, then I want everyone’s personal touch.

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