Will Congress be able to retain control in Kotma?

  • Congress won 9 times out of 14 elections
  • This time, an effort to change face in BJP

Chaitanya Mishra, Anuppur
Kotma assembly seat is the only seat in Anuppur district which is non-reserved. Congress has won the elections here twice. Sunil Saraf is the current MLA. In the 2018 elections, he defeated Dilip Jaiswal of BJP. Dilip got 36,820 votes while Sunil Saraf got 48,249 votes.

This seat has mostly been held by Congress. Out of the total 14 assembly elections held since 1957, Congress has won 9 times. At the same time, in hushed tones, people say that factionalism is the reason behind BJP’s defeat twice in a row.

Allegations of neglect on the government

Current MLA Sunil Saraf says that due to the absence of Congress government in the state, the development works of Kotma are not getting approval. Whatever work was done during the 15 months of Kamal Nath government has almost come to a standstill due to the coming of the BJP government. Due to the presence of coal mines, Kotma is also known as Koylanchal, but despite earning coal, nothing has happened in the name of development here. People are yearning for education, health and other basic facilities due to which there is resentment among the people.

It will not be easy to retain control – Congress has won elections from here twice in a row but this time the victory is not going to be so easy, there is talk that BJP has decided to change its face. Former District President Brijesh Gautam has been made the District Convenor, who is currently actively engaged in the area. However, one of the reasons for this is his claim from Kotma. Rajesh Soni or his wife Uma Soni from Soni community and Luvkush Shukla as a Brahmin face are also trying hard for the ticket. In Congress too, apart from Sunil Saraf, other leaders including former MLA Manoj Agarwal are also showing their claim. In such a situation, if Saraf is repeated, there is a possibility of conflict with other Congress contenders.

Kotma is adjacent to Chhattisgarh – In Anuppur, adjacent to the border of Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh, along with tribal votes, the influence of politics of the neighboring state also remains here. Therefore, this time Congress can also get some benefit of having a Congress government in Chhattisgarh. It has to be seen who will win here in the upcoming assembly elections.

MLA surrounded by many allegations

MLA Sunil Saraf was accused of molestation by a woman while traveling in a train. Apart from this, a video of him doing disco at gunpoint also surfaced. In the video, the MLA was seen dancing to the song Main Hoon Don. Later, the MLA clarified that the BJP government has created a ruckus because I am a Congress MLA. In another video, he was seen arguing with Congress workers as well. After the departure of PCC Chief Kamal Nath, there was a clash between the MLA and some Congress workers.

State of the assembly from 1957 till now

1957- Hari Raj Kunwar, Indian National Congress
1962- Girja Kumari, Indian National Congress
1967- K. M. Singh, Indian National Congress
1972- Mrigendra Singh, Indian National Congress
1977- Babulal Singh, Janata Party
1980 – Bhagwandin, Indian National Congress (I)
1985- Bhagwandin, Indian National Congress
1990 – Chhote Lal Bhartiya, Janata Party
1993- Rajesh Nandani Singh, Indian National Congress
1998- Jai Singh Maravi, Bharatiya Janata Party
2003- Jai Singh Maravi, Bharatiya Janata Party
2008- Dilip Jaiswal, Bharatiya Janata Party
2013- Manoj Kumar Aggarwal, Indian National Congress
2018- Sunil Saraf, Indian National Congress

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